November 3, 2016

I’m writing with a warning!
Every day and on Facebook I get offers to distribute weight loss supplements: there are two main manufacturers out there at the moment. I’ll not name them but you may well hear of them soon as one in particular is weaving its way from the USA as we speak! Now any PT worth their salt would look for a second income and why not, always handy,  but it has to be something we believe in and most in my profession are dead set against ANY shakes as they’re totally unnecessary! First off, they are touted to us as a money spin first and foremost with little emphasis on any benefits to our clients, and secondly there are little benefits v REAL FOOD!

IF you’ve been living off processed or quick foods you may well feel some benefits from these shakes and even lose weight, but before you get too excited read on: The ingredients are often unpronounceable (never a good start), and as they are synthetic the body will eventually stress which has the opposite effect to that you are seeking in terms of good health. The weight loss due to a lack of calories and lack of good nutrition will eventually lead to ‘thrifty genotype’ whereby the body senses it’s in deficit and starts to hang on to fat for all it’s worth, slowing the metabolism neatly counterbalancing the original weight loss intention.
Yo-yo dieting is a similar phenomenon. Synthetic vitamins and minerals do not perform in the same way as those from solid food as they lack phyto-nutrients, the interaction between complimentary compounds that even scientists cannot always explain. We need to enjoy food and can get all we need from it.


I realise as health professionals are guilty of prescribing protocols that may seem daunting  or unsustainable, but just to eat PREPARED and colourful food is a great start!
The next time you eat out do you really want a shake?

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