After the horse has bolted

November 3, 2016

I’d like to appeal to you this month to get fit & healthy, from a slightly different tack. I am known for helping my clients lose weight/fat, get in shape and make the right lifestyle choices through EDUCATION rather than quick fixes or supplementation etc. But there is another huge reason I feel we need to get you away from bad habits and sitting on the settee: PLEASE don’t leave it until you have a health scare before you take action.


Get ahead of this happening. I’ve had so many clients over the years coming to the gym, or joining “Weight & See” because they’ve had say, CHD, Diabetes, or Osteoporosis 
We can nearly always help & improve their condition but I’d rather we PREVENTED these distressing diseases/conditions. Take a look at this statement from a client of mine – it’s a bit fruity but that’s the way he is!!

"If I had to speak to a group of people about why you should do to stop you getting diabetes, I wouldn’t  talk about diet, I would explain what a pain in the arse diabetes is, having to pin prick your fingers 4 times a day and how after about 200 times your fingers get sore from pricking them all the time, then the pain in the arse of having to read labels and ask if stuff has sugar in it when you eat out, and the pain in the arse of having to take tablets 3 times a day and remember too, and the pain in the arse of having to go to hospital......... it’s a lot less pain in the arse to just do some exercise and eat healthy..... That’s what I would tell um ."


If this gets one of you into your local class or gym my job is done!

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