Don't train! Coach!

October 31, 2016


Good PT's don't train - they coach

Further to my article here last month - where we looked at WHY you might approach us to join the Club (and how – if you’d like to succeed, we give you deeper incentives)...

As coaches - we have to look way beyond ‘standing over you with a stick’ and dig deeper to help clients make their association with us more meaningful.

What I’ve found most of all is that you, as clients need LISTENING to. This can uncover so much. The formal ‘contra-indications’ we ask about in the initial questionnaire sometimes offer the chance to discuss real trauma that you might rarely have had the chance to off-load before. Just to have someone take an interest can have profound effects.

There’s so much more to it to me, than simply what might ‘hinder them’ or be 'unsafe' in the gym or classes when we go through the medical history.

Cancer, struggles with the menopause, previous operations, (especially if invasive), and frustrating sports injuries can all add to our potential members internal pain.

If this is causing angst – even with historical issues - stress prevails and as I said before; to work a client hard who is stressed is going to be counterproductive. Remember this; there’s NO HURRY to get ‘superfit’. To give that member a ‘Beasting’ (a hard cardio or weights session)’ is often the last thing they need. 
First we need to address cortisol levels (cortisol affects tummy fat so if we can get this down it’s all to the good ANYWAY). 
Lack of sleep and hydration is similarly important. If either of these are compromised you’ll find it hard to get the results you seek with exercise alone.

Good nutrition (and you’d be surprised what constitutes good nutrition nowadays – emphatically NOT calorie counting or lo-fat foods) is paramount. Exercise is for fitness – important, yes, but not as essential as what you eat. Above all – most of us need to feel HAPPY, and acknowledged. Knowing someone is someone is rooting for you has to be good. No one can give you all the answers (not even your best friends) - but exercises (mental exercises now!) – that can help to form ideas about what is important to you will really help.

Long term, great health is simply a series of good decisions made across the board over your life.

We ALL ‘let loose’ from time to time (and that’s not a bad thing either).

Get it 80% right - you cannot fail. 
Get the right support – you’re possibly invincible!

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