Anti Ageing!

October 4, 2016


Those of us of a ‘certain age’, (and I am probably still quite young in these terms), start to work-out harder than ever in the gym, eat better than ever with our nutrition, and take renewed interest in our ‘beauty; regime. WHY? It is called ‘being petrified’.

Petrified that after all those child rearing years there is a WOMAN still in there (somewhere), petrified that we will seize up altogether if we stop, petrified we have forgotten how to use make up to our best advantage (we have, and when we try again, stuff that worked before simply does not have the same effect on this rather different canvas!). Unsurprisingly we start to research what we can do naturally –  (on a personal note, the one thing I know, being terrified of hospitals, ops and being cut in any way, is this will involve NON-INVASIVE solutions i.e – no plastic surgery or even botox!).

Last month I did a piece on oestrogen that needed far more space than we can fit here so I suggested you contact me for further (e-mail) information. As this worked so well (thanks to you all), I propose the same again. I’ll give you my top 10 here – if you’d like to know WHY e-mail me: and you’ll get the expanded article!


  • STOP SMOKING – it accelerates skin wrinkles

  • SLEEP WELL – we regenerate at night!

  • EAT ANTIOXIDANTS – Veggies, dark chocolate, red wine (see – not all bad!!) and more.

  • GET SUGAR OUT OF OUR LIFE – it actively ages you

  • KEEP AN ACTIVE BRAIN – new experiences, puzzles – are all so important to keep us young

  • PROTECT YOUR FACE FROM SUN – but having said that – get out into the fresh air!

  • EXERCISE MORE – more energy, strengthens bones and MANY more reasons (e-mail me!)

  • WATER! What is better a stagnant pool or a stream?

  • REDUCE STRESS LEVELS – chill out – it plays havoc with our hormones!

  • TAKE ADVISE from your friends about what suits you and lastly stand up straight!







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