TRAIN... or remain the same!

January 29, 2016


The beginning of the year always has me pondering on those who WANT to join
an exercise programme but don’t!
All they see is intimidation, what they fear is PAIN, how they cope is to kid themselves they’ll ‘do it someday’ or there’s no point as they’re ‘too far gone’! How do we reach these potential clients, and then IF we succeed, how do we keep them?
I cannot pretend to know all the answers but will never give up trying! My best poster ever simply said: “If not now, then when?” – it really DID bring me new clients and is a very effective message, BUT this month I want to cover another important statement, and it is this: “Your body will cope with whatever you throw at it”. But go lightly!
If you go to any kind of exercise class where they beast you on the first session (you see this on TV!) it is SIMPLY WRONG – and dangerous. There’s no hurry to get our clients fit especially IF they’ve been inactive or sedentary for some time and are feeling pretty unconditioned. No, EASE into it and glide into fitness – the body WILL ADAPT to the force or load offered, so start off light, slow, less intensity, less ‘travel’, less session time… it WILL adapt and you then increase these factors … it will adapt … you then increase …you get the picture!
In time your heart becomes more efficient, your muscles respond to the increasing loads (you get stronger with more definition, lung capacity improves, your brain becomes more focused,  bones become denser and your entire body can cope with more stress – what was hard before becomes easier. STOP and this all reverses! (That’s the bad bit). This is a very simplified version of changes

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