Don't play at changing

November 26, 2015

Ok as I type this up it does NOT look promising. It does feel like we’ve had rain for 40 days nonstop! But by that simple statement alone means we MUST get some sun soon right? How are you shaping up? Are you ready to reveal what’s under those clothes? Has your ideal body been hijacked?

Let’s shock you into some truths!

If you’re delighted by the body you’re wearing then good for you. You’re a rare beast and not many of us are in that league. What we’re looking for, mind, is rarely the ideal body – simply the best one we can muster. Chase health and YOUR ultimate body will come to you. It’s no co incidence that when you FEEL your very best the body will also have reached its best potential too. So our zenith would be to have full energy levels intact, eyes glowing, hair shiny, full of zest for life, illness free and as a byproduct of all this – the body will not let you down either!

Not quite in this frame at the moment?

If you’re under par, and distinctly NOT ready for the beach it will be a direct result of decisions you’ve made and choices you’ve taken.

Let’s face it you’ve never eaten or drank anything by mistake right, although you might have been conned by slimming products or following crazy exercise regimes in the past. Getting in shape can be pretty hard. You need to commit to eating right 80% of the time as a minimum. You have to get to all the exercise classes you need to do! Most people just play at changing. They join a gym – chuck money at it then don’t go. They pay to join slimming clubs then fall out of the system…
So choose to have lots more veggies..
choose to get to classes.
Choose to seek out the advice of experts rather than ‘do your own thing’.
Choose to avoid getting lashed! 
Don’t mess about with things that simply don’t work any longer!


E-mail me any time for more on these right choices!

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