Are your grapes like raisins?!

October 29, 2015

As I write we’ve been bombarded with the most appalling weather and we are as a nation utterly fed up and vitamin D depleted!
We sense a resentful submission to these elements and need to break free!
I broke free along with his nibs, and went to Bavaria where I discovered

1. I cannot ski even against the foetuses careering down that mountain, and

2. I needed the break!

Related to this (but not maybe yet evident why), was the fact I did an Induction with a lady yesterday and we spent the entire hour talking (no worry - we have all the time in the world for machines and weights and this is more important), about her fatigue, lack of joie de vivre and nutritional habits.
She struck me as being very like me which was a bit unnerving – moves fast, talks fast, lots of the go …. But over the years I have learnt to temper my day and allow for good breaks – I had no choice or I’d have burnt out and everything about her said she needs to do the same. Added to this she loves her coffee, tea and biscuit breaks ‘to keep her going’. As we chatted more it seemed every recent local illness had crossed her path, her falling prey to it. I suggested her adrenals might be – instead of healthy grapes, shrunken raisins!  In other words she may be Adrenally fatigued.  (AF) - It’s almost a ‘stress syndrome’. When I advise ladies about the menopause it’s quite safe to treat it as AF as they can be very closely affiliated.

Lack of energy, immune resistance, no vitality, less enjoyment of life, food cravings, decreased sex drive.. can often be alleviated with sound nutrition, stress reduction techniques, mind body classes, and breaking up the mundane (hence holidays!). If you’d like to learn more e-mail me (I love getting your emails)



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