Just ask! (its tough out there)....

January 25, 2014

So we’re in January and everyone expects that I’m rushed off my feet and inundated with new clients - well they’d be wrong. After 17 years in this business I can tell you in advance it’ll be better than December but the health industry generally gets our next big influx in February. Now this was a mystery to me too, until a lass in our chemist said one year “you know why that is don’t you – we think we can do it all by ourselves until the end of January then realise we need people like you!”, so simultaneously making me feel like a fool because despite ‘all this experience’ I’d never thought of that!! Does this also resonate with you: 


​You WANT to try andde-tox after all the gluttony of this season, you MIGHT have even had enough of eating all that rich food, you’d like to initiate exercise, and to start off you might make great tracks … BUT eventually the inertia fades and you end up a few pounds heavier than last November, and disheartened to boot. There are multifarious reasons this can happen – the media spinning yarns to create news, creating confusion, the food industry peddling the WRONG foods, magazines promoting different training regimes, friends who MIGHT try to sabotage your efforts so they feel good about their own lack of willpower. These all create confusion.  It’s rarely an individual’s fault and to make them feel it is, will only add to the sense of failure. But it IS worth pointing out that it’s ok to ask for help and this is where a health or fitness professional comes into their own (and there are plenty of us locally now). It’s ok because we’d never judge you; we’re in this Industry because we naturally care for your successful outcomes. We have no products to sell in the supermarkets which might make us bias in our nutritional advice. It’s good to ask as we have the training to ensure you’ll get the best programmes and the equipment to help this happen. Lastly – we give you the motivation to get you fit and Healthy and, best of all, the education;  so that, if you ever wanted to – you can fly the nest and know what to do by yourself (that, for me is the ultimate in Personal Training).  So join a class, or employ a Personal trainer, or enrol on our nutritional programmes, IF you feel yourself faltering. Because ultimately - it’s tough on your own!

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