The benefits of PT (Personal Training) are multifarious - it's a 1-2-1 service that will get you the results you seek MUCH faster than going it alone, whether this is for fat-loss, sports performance, your Wedding day, or nutritional help.You'll be getting the best advice possible,  top notch training, and support all the way. I've been Personal Training since 2001 in client's homes, outdoors, and at the club.First:  let's wipe out a few misconceptions about what MOST people think it is all about! I'm not going to be jogging through the park with you or standing over you, counting reps, whilst you push weights. There should be a lot more to PT than that. 
Most of all I like my clients to learn the why's and the wherewithal's, so that you're are confident to make the decisions that will gain them long term health for life even after we're done.

Personal Training with Cat with more Yin than Yang!


More than anything I'm going to find the nitty gritty of WHY you're looking for PERSONAL Training

Because: when we uncover the emotional levers behind your decision - you have a far better chance of success.
You'll won't then be doing it just because you 'think you should'. We'll uncover the emotional drivers behind your being here,
and the possible reasons you might self sabotage

THEN I'll be looking for your passions - this is where I excel because I can offer a diverse array of disciplines to cover these.
So if you love sculpting - we'll do Barre, for example! 

If you're stressed we'll likely practise Yoga/Pilates, BrainFit or simply walk! (Nordic Walking coming very soon too!)

We can add in EYP (Embodied Yoga Principles) to really help you along your way (resolve, confidence, reflection)
If you're used to more metabolic disciplines, we'll get you into Running or Circuits, HIIT workouts, RBT (Rest based Training), and weights training. (weights for women, with the right programme are perfect and you will NOT bulk up). 


ALL with a view to delivering workouts you can do at home, with, or without equipment (longer term, you might consider investing in equipment that you CAN use at home). You don't need much.

Tapping in to your passions means you'll have a far better chance of success.
NOTE: To 'beast' a client if that client is already stressed will have the opposite effect to what we all want! (adding cortisol to an overwhelmed body is the last thing it needs). I work with what you present. If you've come to me for fat loss this is my specialist area!

Your first session will be purely consultative. Listening to you gives me so much to go on.
It's important we determine which package you want (so I can tailor the sessions to suit).
Booking a one-off is going to have a very different structure to 3, 7 or 12 sessions. 

After the initial consult, you'll get a dedicated service with much more 'behind the scenes' work than you maybe ever realised!
Goal setting and timelines are also established at this first meeting (set aside 1.5 hours for this).

Book this quality 1-2-1 training with me, training at home OR at the gym, whichever suits you, with invaluable backup information in person and via email, the latest training protocols, the best nutritional advice, and working with what you may have available, or are prepared to invest in, at your home (this is up to you).

  • Working around you and the time you have available.

    If you book 7 or more sessions you can expect some, or all of the following:

  • Body Composition Analysis - let's get definitive here - weighing yourselves is NOT the answer!

  • Filming your prescribed workouts, so you can follow the link, learn super-fast in your own time, and use it anywhere for instant reference.

  • Periodisation charts - to take you where you want to be within a time frame (good if you have an 'event' you're working towards).

  • Tailored programme design specific to you, your needs, time available, and environment to train in

  • Goal-setting and life-coaching tasks using exercises I have found work really well

  • Self-motivation - I have many tips on this after almost two decades in the bizz!

  • Postural analysis - based on clinical analysis or observing movement patterns as we work together

  • Explanation of the BEST exercise protocols you can follow, using the latest scientific coaching protocols for metabolic boosting like never before, in less time than ever (4-8 minutes!)

  • Pelvic health - we ALL need help as we get older. Pilates for the Pelvic Floor using bony cues - (FAR better than kagels).

  • Back up e-mails to build a library of all we have covered for your future reference, across all these subjects, with dividers to build a portfolio, title: PROJECT YOU!! 

  • Advice on fat loss - if you need it - you WILL get results rest assured, as an incidental bonus!

  • Advice on the lifestyle changes you MIGHT need to take for specific areas of either fat storage or stress factors that can lead to the fat gains in the first place

  • Food diary evaluation – a red-ink evaluation of what you are doing presently and how we will improve it all


You'll get more of some of these and less of others as you are an individual! (that's the nature of PT!)

Personal Training might SEEM relatively expensive but many potential clients have no idea of the work that goes on behind the scenes in terms of programme/circuit design, filming sequences, food diary scoring and everything else on the list above, but when we get it just right it yields brilliant results. 

7 sessions are £330 or 12 sessions for £500 

And a new package: £200 for 4 sessions alone or for up to 4 people. Will get you totally ready to join the gym or classes
Includes Food Diary, BCA beginning and end, nutritional advice (individually tailored), and whatever exercise you'd like to try 


You'll feel like a different person by the time we've done, able to continue with our protocol yourself for life.