I am as passionate as ever about the power of eating well. But having fun and encouraging women to enjoy life, look after themselves, and seek out a bit of the spiritual side to life (let's see what's out there and keep an open mind!). Every 3rd Friday we hold a meeting from 6- 7.15 (and sometimes a walk in between meetings). For members this is free - any one who wishes to join us it's £7 Find our page on FB (The Bean and Banter). For all details and future dates!

#1 improving our happiness!! 
Carbs down (in most instances)
Caffeine moderate to zero 
Veggies high
Fruit moderate 
Good oils used freely 
No rubbish lo-fat foods
As natural as possible 
Adequate protein for your needs

Alcohol moderate to zero Hydration high 

2 Meat free days per week  

Massage and YOU time xx

I'm so used to working with women and am really interested in the elements of what suit us at every stage in life. So plenty on hormones, the menopause, our cycles (and the optimal exercise and nutrition at each stage of our lives). 
I am also what I call a YIN trainer. The typical Personal Trainer who sets you up with beasting sessions, personal bests and competition, and lots of metabolic cardio I AM NOT! (although I do love this, and we can work hard - I also recognise what we REALLY need at this stage of our lives.
So come and walk forests with me. Meditate. Do Yoga, and Pilates. Experience Embodied Yoga Principles. 
THEN do a good weights programme, and Body Blitz. Get the perfect mix but also understand WHY that's ideal

Come and see!
And what you'd best eat? - explained - tweaking to your individual requirements if needed with Bio Typing (it works!)

All explained as we go

Sugar very low to zero
Good sleep
As stress free as possible 
Seeking maximum energy levels to kick ass!
As much colour on our plates as possible

Recipes provided 
Demons eradicated!
Motivational tools provided!

No weighing but Body Composition Analysis provided once a month

But NOT to beat yourself up AT ALL. Life is for living! 

We work to these guidelines: