'The Movement Mistro!

Let's go!

I'm helping WOMEN to get into health across the board, and to this end I have made it my mission
to qualify as a health professional in lots of fabulous disciplines! (see below).

20 years later I really hope I've nailed it with a fabulous centre, exceptional classes, and a great 1-2-1 service using all this :-)
PS - I know what I'm doing BECAUSE I have had my OWN issues (a debilitating and distressing illness in my 20's which literally stopped me from moving , sapped my energy, (full remission for the last 27 years). 

But just in case you need to know more - here is a resume of my background. 

After a long previous career as a specialist decorator in central London, we moved to Wales, to get away from the smog with two kids, Adi (then 4, and Emeline, 2). I was determined to change my career and LOVED doing aerobics so I applied to Fitness Wales in Cardiff (

So - in 1998 I qualified in Exercise to Music (Aerobics), from The Royal School of the Arts (RSA).
The TOUGHEST THING I EVER DID! (I am actually serious). 

Then added:

Step aerobics 1999, Kids Fit 1999 and Kick box aerobics with Ian Fox 2002


And In June 2001: Cardiff: Premier International Diploma qualified in Personal Training/Sports therapy, comprising: 

Sports Massage and Sports Therapy, Circuits, Optimum and Sports Nutrition, Gym Instruction, Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Exercise for Special Populations: Ante/ Post-Natal, Weight Management, Body Composition, and doctors' referrals. 

In July '02 I sold my beloved narrow boat and used the proceeds to open a small, intimate gym in Hay Opening Dec 2002. 
This was followed by a relocation to the much larger premises, in Aug 2009. 


2003: Advanced Weights Instruction with Juice performance. 


In 2004 I founded the Hay Hotfooters Running Club, coaching them for 4½ years, and was also founder/director of the Magic Roundabout 10k MT race 2006/7. But with one busy gym I decided it best to focus solely on this. They continue to flourish as an independent club which is really gratifying to know.


Freestyle Pilates, 2005, so enabling some slowdown from the high impact Aerobics I adored. - the perfect anti-dote to the cardio/metabolic type sessions still held at the Club. To date this is probably my most popular session (friday mornings) Posture and flexibility are reinforced - and I add in Trigger point Pilates as well as sports therapy for a really restorative session

Another real passion is Bio-Typing achieved with Alessandro Ferretti of Equilibra Health – this identifies a clients’ evolutionary Body Type leading to extremely pertinent advice regarding their ideal nutrition. Even your potential hobbies, best sports and clues as to how to motivate them are also covered in depth. You have to trust me on this one – it's remarkable and it works.


A 9-month course in Hypnotherapy ending Dec 2013, enables help for clients interested in:
Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, Phobias, Anxiety, Self Confidence and more!
I'd love to hear from sportspeople with an interest in enhancing sports performance

and/or sports anxiety!

In Sept 2013Freestyle Fitness YOGA under my belt, leading to  another passion, and different to Pilates again. So good for spinal thoracic (mid back) rotation, and the HELD poses are excellent for building endurance strength into your life as well as flexibility
It is NOT spiritual but that suits us fine - the 'om' has been taken out so if you love the thought of Yoga but are not so keen on chanting or sitting for long periods meditating this is definitely the class for you. Now we've taken it to another level on the wednesday session - see timetable 

March 2016 I qualified in Barre Fitness with Jayne Nichols. As experienced fit pros it is possible to add on these modules and then convert to doing whatever the Instructor wants to do with it! I've also taken pro lessons to get it accurate. Body Conditioning with pirouettes! FAB!

2016: The BrainFit Workout (TM), which incorporates mindful exercise and meditation and will blow your minds! It's NOT what we expected AT ALL! Manipulating neuro-plasticity to movement, will help to conquer negative internal chatter, increase confidence and stop us playing small! The session is incredibly powerful and interactive.

Swimsanity has to be one of the best decisions I ever made! I started teaching this in 6 week blocks from September 2018, and BOY do the ladies adore this. My take on it is this: women who are unable to exercise on dry land - but also really fit women - can ALL do this, no swimming required. Kit provided! I'm also on course to teach this to potential instructors - I'm that keen and have done so well with it! ME! A leo!! (we're not water babies!!)

And this year in Brighton the EPIC EYP. Look out for workshops in EYP (Embodied Yoga Principles).  EYP looks at HOW WE ARE. It looks at the body as an ‘I’ not an ‘it’. It takes Yoga OFF the mat and into our daily lives. It’s not a ‘style of Yoga’ but a set of principles in which we take asana (poses), - 26 of them – and asks ‘where do we want to be’, and you then embody – right into your deepest layers - the asanas MOST suitable to take you there. Come and try. 

2019 Now tutor of the fantastic workout SWIMSANITY! Training Instructors to teach this in their pool

Booked June 2020 - presenter of EYP at the Orbit Fitness Festival in Shropshire 



Based on testimonials from clients across the board in all the disciplines mentioned above, in April 2006 I was delighted to be voted
Fitness Instructor of the Year for Wales, as awarded by Fitness Wales, based in Cardiff. "Definitely one of my better days!" 


In 2010 I was one of 3 finalists at the IWA (Inspire Wales awards) in Cardiff (Sports Category). This had been from an original 16 submitted. As this was again based on Testimonials as well as an interview this was another landmark in my fitness career to date. An amazing event.  On the night of the awards, video footage was shown of all finalists (there were many categories), and it "felt like the Oscars - very salubrious and evening dress code, all of us eating around circular tables. Lovely!"

I am committed to evolving myself and the services offered by the Club, and to keep Gym & Tonic thriving in Hay, as a centre of excellence (but also a fun community)

Comprehensive training programme are provided to clients with a personalised, tailored programme.


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