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The BrainFit Workout (TM)

The Brainfit workout 

Every last Friday from 10.15 - 11. This session is storming it!

A 45 minute movement and meditation workout.
30 Minutes  of  mindful movement and breathing followed by a 15 minute guided meditation section. Adopting a mindful approach to Group Exercise coupled with a guided meditation is so refreshing, revitalising and invigorating. I make it a bit different each time and ALWAYS give you something to think about!
Come to a session and get access to the FB page. 


The Belief Leap is on the back burner FOR NOW!! 
I want to add in EYP to the programme! HANG FIRE!
(This will be the best yet)

You may have shelves groaning in self-help books  (tick!). 
You may even have started work on goal setting and put pen to paper(✔). 
On a good day you'll start some affirmations or mirror work (now you're really trucking), and at this point you might well start to accomplish what you're aiming for. All good.
However,  many will already have got left behind here, and you know why?
It's not that they're weak willed, 'yellow-livered', or not prepared to put the work in. 
It's really quite simple (and I KNOW this to be true as I've been there myself):
It's that deep down they don't really believe they can accomplish what they're saying. They're shooting for the moon but dragging their feet on the ground.  We'll put go right through your doubts and smash them up. The body can work to back up the Brain here - you'll see. You'll be unstoppable! 
Just please wait til I have added in new content. It's all on my whiteboard - it WILL happen!


TBL - It's deadly effective yet simple, just taking a bit of thought! I'll demonstrate how you really can nail it, but it's not that anything 'manifests' on it's own. (The Universe isn't THAT good to us)! No - you have to put some work in, only this time you will. How many times have you read really good information but not ACTED ON IT!? With our back up every week - either live or online: you'll do it! 

Have a look at the feedback:


A thought provoking course with a relaxed approach. Give it a go, you will be able to find positive strategies to heal your life. V.M.


This is the missing bit of the puzzle, a way out of the maze of thinking and doing and repeating patterns and being stuck. This mindset helps you to the next level and beyond with a massively supportive, caring and dynamic teacher. If you are serious about yourself and serious about change, do this course. HK

Life changing, powerful, dynamic and FUN! S.T

Cat’s enthusiasm and sincerity are more than evident – and in equal measures! Coincidentally or not, my life took a number of upward turns within days of my first session with Cat and I attribute these at least partly to the improved mind-set I came away with each time.


Helping me to change my own mindset has demonstrated to me just how powerful a person I can be. It's shown me how to overcome my fear of change and how to move forward. S.He


The Belief Leap is a positive, empowering and practical course that helps participants realize their potential in a supported yet self determined way. ML

A great course for bringing mind and body together, and identifying areas of personal growth, with a difference.  Cat brings her enthusiasm into the course and helps you make that 'Belief Leap!' S.Ho