November 10, 2016

There’s a video I put up recently that epitomises all I feel about Fitness and gaining the confidence to start, stick at it, persevere and reap the rewards: a lass is trying to box-jump onto a platform about 16’’ high.
It’s one of those classics where she gets right to...

November 3, 2016

I’d like to appeal to you this month to get fit & healthy, from a slightly different tack. I am known for helping my clients lose weight/fat, get in shape and make the right lifestyle choices through EDUCATION rather than quick fixes or supplementation etc. But there i...

October 31, 2016

My top tips for adherence and fitness longevity (for life indeed!):

1. Find your passion(s),

and do them. Avoid doing STUFF you don't really respond to, or that simply doesn't light your fire

2. Decide on the minimum amount of sessions you're prepared to do each week


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December 6, 2016

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