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Following the announcements today we have no choice but to cease trading until advised otherwise.

As soon as there is more news on when we can reopen I will update you here. THANKING all my clients, past present and future.
You've been amazing

Current clients please join us on FB private group:

The Quarantine Workouts


for lots of workouts (as per our usual timetable), challenges, and MUCH MORE! from my private studio at home!

8/7/19 Dear Cat

I know this is out of the blue, but I wanted to write and thank you for all the work you did with me all those years ago and the support you've given me since.


I'm currently at a retreat, working on mind-set and body, and it dawned on me how lucky I was to have you as my local gym owner.

The work you do, the knowledge and wisdom you have, are light years ahead of others and I'm so sorry it's taken me several years , several Gyms and a complete and utter detox (no Wi-Fi/signal – bliss!) to realise.You’re an incredible, inspirational, and beautiful person and I now realize I will be eternally grateful to have met and worked with you. Keep on being you! Ed D

TRY SWIMSANITY!!!! (Before) "hmmm slightly nervous. Haven’t been able to do any HIIT training for some time because of joint pain 😢 so hoping this is my salvation"
(After) Swimtastic Cat Wyllie-Fox great fun tonight! Full body workout at the level that suits you & kind to joints! 
What more do you need? Looking forward to next week T-A G

Embodied Yoga Principles: OMG!!! Really enjoyed, Loved the teaching and reflection - I can see this making a positive difference. Would definitely love to explore more through workshops. Would love to do something with the kids.

BrainFit: THAT WAS BRILLIANT! It would be great to do it once a week! Thank you Cat! U are the most driven and charismatic person which I ever met!!! Thank you 😊 xxx R.G

There is a problem - it's addictive; you want to do more. I feel so much better after each class, physically and mentally.Thanks Cat. You make my week and you make me feel so good about myself. You have a special skill. Treasure it. I do. SS

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The strategies we use will ensure that you need never hit an exercise plateau, you’ll know EXACTLY what to do and how best to eat, so that your body is always healthy, burning fat optimally! This means every time you do any type of cardio, you can do really short work outs for the same effect! We are not all the same, so whether you're male, young or senior, peri or post menopause there's a correct training protocol for you in G&T's. I don't want a turnover of members who come and go. MUCH better that we are after the same things and understand each other so you're happy and stay for ever! 
The Bean and Banter meetings talk you through the nutritional and lifestyle side too. Classes and the Gym are fun, motivating, and I work really hard to keep it exciting and fresh! Best of all its not all hard work - we look after your mind too! Meditation, Yoga, Freestyle Pilates, BrainFit, Embodied Yoga Principles as well as getting outdoors too with Nordic Walking means every aspect of your health is catered for. I'm looking to get BALANCE and creative movement into your life! If you're worried or unsure about which direction to take just give me a call! Cat 01497 822995

Coming soon: The Movement Maestro Workouts - 3 months @ £27 per month. 6 x 30 min classes across the board a week

"One day I'd love to own a studio like this,
it really does have everything you need"
Alex. Personal Trainer and Zumba King! Bristol".


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